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Promotional Materials

Email & Web Assets

Use branded email signatures and web banners to remind customers that you are exhibiting at the show.

Show Logos

Add show logo to your website to promote your presence at the show.

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NMMA Advantage: Inventory Showcase/Lead Generator

Exclusive opportunity for NMMA boat and sport show exhibitors


The NMMA Advantage allows you to post your show inventory online; attendees and prospects can shop your product before they visit the show and schedule appointments with you onsite — giving you a chance to generate leads before, during and after the show.

  • Pre- and post-show selling—Reach out to qualified prospects year-round
  • Post inventory 60–90 days prior to show opening; it remains active until 90 days before the opening of next year’s show—It’s up to 9 months of FREE online advertising for your brands and your dealership

Post inventory as early as possible: the earlier inventory is posted, the more frequently it is shopped, resulting in more exposure for your product and your dealership.

Time invested uploading inventory can pay BIG dividends year round.

  • Boosts your show traffic—interested buyers know to seek out your exhibit at the show
  • Improved inventory planning: Site shopping patterns give you a snapshot of the market—
  • See which boats and RVs drew the most interest; tailor your show inventory to meet market demands
  • No additional cost to participate.
  • Uploading your show inventory is simple; step-by-step instructions and training video make it easy to participate.
  • Added Web presence/Web shopping experience—Increases familiarity with your brand and your business

This program lets you offer Exhibitor Guest Tickets (EGT) to potential buyers who have shopped your products on our website—to claim tickets, prospects must visit your dealership

  • Drives traffic to your showroom
  • Creates a relationship with highly-qualified consumers
  • Delivers one-on-one sales opportunities
  • Gives you opportunity to make your pitch on your home turf, away from the competition
  • Generates "hot" leads/ builds prospect database
  • Cost-effective—Pay only for tickets redeemed at show box office
  • "Permission" selling—Prospects choose to visit you and to opt in to the sales experience 
  • Any contracted dealer deemed "current" is eligible to participate

Questions?  Contact or your show team.

Easy to follow instructions detail step-by-step how to add your inventory. You can also watch the training video.

View a Free Webinar on Effective Sales Techniques at NMMA Boat Shows

With the show a couple of months away, now is the perfect time to view a free 46-minute Boat Show Preparation webinar designed to answer real world challenges at boat shows and help NMMA exhibitors sell more effectively. The sales techniques and examples presented will introduce your team to a boat show approach that can be utilized immediately for raising your effectiveness at boat shows as well as in the showroom.
The webinar will help you answer questions such as "How can I determine who is interested in making a purchase in less than 3 minutes?" Or, "What are proven ways to prepare for success at a boat show event? And "How can I be most effective with my time at a boat show?"

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