Seminar Schedule

 2016 Strictly Sail Miami Free Hourly and Paid Seminars will be updated in December 2015!

Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training—ON-THE-WATER sailing workshops

Nothing beats hands-on training to improve your sailing skills and build more confidence at the helm. This year’s show features a selection of on-the-water training designed to add more fun to your boat show experience and take your sailing skills up a notch. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced sailor, there’s something for everyone!

LEARN FROM EXPERTS. All sessions are taught by USCG-licensed captains who are certified, professional instructors. All participants must be able to work as an active crew member while underway; crew members younger than18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  

Two-hour workshops

  • Fundamental Sailing Skills for Cruising Sailboats – Are you new to Sailing (or just a little rusty)? Learn how easy and fun sailing is during this on water learning event that covers the most essential sailing skills.
  • Anchoring. Whether you're dropping the hook in a deserted cove for a quiet lunch or pulling into a crowded anchorage for the week, solid anchoring skills will help minimize your anxiety and assure the safety of your boat (and those around you!).
  • Docking Under Power & Close Quarters Boat Control. This is an important skill although one that is not often practiced except when departing and returning to the slip.  Learn practical skills and docking strategies to take the anxiety out of difficult or tricky docking situations,


Three-hour workshops

  • Essential Cruising & Charter Skills—Vessel Management in an offshore environment —for monohulls
  • If you're dreaming of expanding your sailing horizons and want to increase your skills and confidence before you venture out, this 3-hour underway learning event is just the ticket… It's also a great place to learn some of  the key skills needed to explore exotic locations anywhere in the world via a bareboat charter.   
  • Introduction to Cruising Catamarans—the perfect “Charter Starter”. This exclusive program is ideal for newcomers and monohull sailors with little to no experience on multihulls - and it's the perfect way to see if a cruising catamaran – your own or chartered  -is in your future.

Registration will be available in December 2015!



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